Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Delivery

1 – General Terms of Delivery
These terms and conditions are applied to contracts between Momobeam di Giuseppe Spano’ Joseph Spano ‘(hereafter only “momobeam”) and the customer.

Location of the firm
Momobeam di Giuseppe Spano’
Contrada Berbarello 508
91025 Marsala (TP) – Italy

2 – Contract of sale and properties
The sales contract is concluded when Momobeam receive an order confirmation by email to: info@momobeam.com through other online mode, or in any other written form.
Momobeam reserves the right to ownership of the goods until full payment of the purchased products.

3 – Warranty
Products manufactured by Momobeam enjoy LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects.
Items not manufactured by and distributed Momobeam are guaranteed DPL, therefore, to take advantage of the warranty, please follow the policies and procedures of the manufacturer.

Important to keep a copy of the bill of sale, failing this, the guarantee will not apply.

4 – Shipping
The goods travel at the risk and expense of the customer, even when it is a prepaid shipping. In case of problems with the delivery,
“Momobeam” will provide the documentation necessary to carry out any research / claims with the courier.

5 – Prices and Payments
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT, packing and without ex-factory.
Payment must be made in the form anticipated by one of the forms specified in the web page: “payments”

6 – Termination of agreement and refund
The right of withdrawal can ‘be exercised by the customer within two weeks of receipt of goods in writing and sent by registered mail only.
The customer must return the product purchased, complete in all its parts and in its original packaging.
We only ask you to send us the product free of charge, together with a descriptive note, which will be used only to improve the production process / distribution of our company.

The product must be sent postage paid to:
Momobeam Joseph Spano ‘
Contrada Berbarello 508
91025 Marsala (TP) – Italy

Received the product, and verified its integrity, “momobeam” will perform a full refund of the purchase price of the product, excluding any shipping only.
If delivery is not full production, “momobeam” RETAIN ‘part of the sum required to restore the product.
In the case of inability ‘to provide delivery of the product ordered, “momobeam” reserves to provide an equivalent quality and price, or withdraw from the contract. Payments already received will be refunded immediately after the cancellation of the contract.

7 – Limitation of Liability
We do not assume responsibility ‘for damage to persons or property or loss of property’, resulting from the use, installation, uninstallation, or other applications relating to our products.
In case of dispute, your sole and exclusive right to our potential inability ‘to fulfill our warranty obligations to repair or replace, and’ reimbursement of the purchase price. For any dispute the jurisdiction is Marsala – Italy

Legal force of this disclaimer: This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual formulations of this text are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.